Network Security Operations Transformation:  Embracing Automation, Cloud Computing and DevOps

Enterprises must make tough decisions on how to improve security without impeding the pace of business. At the same time, network security continues to grow more complex.

Read ESG’s research report, Network Security Operations Transformation: Embracing Automation, Cloud Computing and DevOps, by Jon Oltsik, ESG Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow. This Tufin-sponsored research provides relevant data from over 100 large enterprise organizations with complex networks that include multi-vendor firewalls, network devices, and hybrid cloud deployments. Many of these organizations are also moving to incorporate DevOps practices.

The Bigger Truth: when it comes to network security operations, there is much room for improvement. The challenges your peers currently face include:

  • How cloud computing is aggravating network security’s operational challenges
  • Why it’s difficult to enforce consistent security policies
  • How to achieve an ideal state by automating network security operations

The data emphasizes the need to begin automating network security operations today. 

ESG report network security operations

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